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The Creatives

From Indiana, PA. Isaac has always been drawn to technology and immediately knew that he should pursue his passion. He started his first website in 8th grade and from there kept learning, building, and creating. Tech and entrepreneurship quickly consumed his time and he began building websites, creating video games, and building worthwhile relationships with like minded individuals.

From a small town in Pennsylvania, Emily has always followed her passions and continues to challenge her talents. She has been a graphic designer for years and loves to tackle new projects that push her limits. Emily has an immense love for animals and if she isn't designing or creating, then you'll find her at the nearest dog park or animal-centered adventure!

The hero the tech world deserves. Hailing out of Pittsburgh PA, Jesse has always been a strong follower of technology and entertainment. Heavily influenced at a young age with video games, music, and movies. Jesse always knew his passion was with technology and creativity. He began to learn web design and programming all through high school. Driven to follow creative goals he always surrounded himself with the driven individuals on our team today. Plus, you’ve never seen him and Batman in the same room. Fun fact.